OBS Templates

In order to import the template, you must download it to your local computer by accomplishing the following steps:

  • Click on the Download link below at the intersection of your computer’s Screen Resolution and your Operating System (Window or Apple)
  • Save this file to a known location like your downloads folder or the desktop.  You will need to know for the next step 🙂


  • If you are using Safari, you must right-click the file, then click “Download Linked File” to save the template.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you must right-click the file, then click “Save Target as…” to save the template.
  • The below templates are not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1.  We do not recommend OBS for this version of Windows due to severe limitations of the software.
  • If you cannot find your resolution, please email support@vestibularfirst.com to request a custom size.
  • You cannot open the template file directly.  You need to to import the file using OBS.
Screen ResolutionWindowsApple
800 x 600DownloadDownload
1024 x 768DownloadDownload
1152 x 864DownloadDownload
1280 x 720DownloadDownload
1280 x 768DownloadDownload
1280 x 800DownloadDownload
1280 x 960DownloadDownload
1280 x 1024DownloadDownload
1344 x 840DownloadDownload
1360 x 768DownloadDownload
1366 x 768DownloadDownload
1368 x 912DownloadDownload
1440 x 900DownloadDownload
1500 x 1000DownloadDownload
1536 x 864DownloadDownload
1536 x 960DownloadDownload
1600 x 900DownloadDownload
1680 x 1050DownloadDownload
1920 x 1080DownloadDownload
1920 x 1200DownloadDownload
2048 x 1152DownloadDownload
2304 x 1440DownloadDownload
2560 x 1080DownloadDownload
2560 x 1440DownloadDownload
2560 x 1600DownloadDownload
2736 x 1824DownloadDownload
3000 x 2000DownloadDownload
3072 x 1920DownloadDownload
3200 x 1800DownloadDownload
3840 x 1600DownloadDownload
3840 x 2160DownloadDownload
5120 x 2880DownloadDownload