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Our mission is to create simple, effective, affordable, and empowering vestibular technologies to help improve the lives of those suffering from vestibular disorders. With the use of our Insight Pro Infrared Video Goggles, you can improve patient care with accurate assessment and treatment of vertigo, dizziness, and feelings of imbalance.

Below we provide you with several tools to assist in the decision-making process for yourself, or for convincing colleagues or administrators that Infrared Video Goggles are a necessity in clinical practices.

Return on Investment Calculator

Infrared Video Goggles are an invaluable tool for improving patient care for those suffering from vestibular disorders.  Infrared Goggles from Vestibular First have one of the most compelling financial investments you can make to your practice.  Please take a look and enter your clinic’s information and our calculator will show you how quickly you can recoup the investment from our technology.  In addition to improving patient outcomes, your clinic will also be able to pay it back quickly with even a small vestibular patient caseload.


The settings of the ROI calculator have been set to show you an example of how a clinic can recoup the investment from purchasing Insight PRO Infrared Video Goggles in only two weeks.

  1. Clinic purchases one pair of Insight Pro Goggles for $2,500
  2. Clinic sees 10 vestibular patients per week
  3. Clinic receives a reimbursement of $120 per patient
  4. The return on investment (ROI) is 48%
  5. It will take two weeks to recoup the investment of $2,500

Now plug in your details to the calculator to see your estimated ROI when purchasing Insight Pro Goggles!

CLICK HERE to see how much potential revenue you are losing by referring vestibular patients outside your clinic.

Value Proposition

There are many benefits of incorporating Insight Pro Goggles into your clinic. This graphic shows how providing accurate assessment and care can result in not only financial growth but building a reputation that will result in more referrals from clients and doctors.

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