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Vestibular Headband

Learn by doing with this interactive vestibular headband that shows the direct connection between the semicircular canals and the orientation of the head.   We have combined the best aspects of our popular Fluid-Filled Vestibular Apparatus and attached it to an adjustable headband  Perfect for use with patients, students, and educators!  

Size: Adjustable headband fits most adult heads

Adjustable Headband

This band fits a wide variety of head sizes and shapes and is easily adjustable with a simple knob on the back.

Directional Arrows

We have added directional arrows to the bottom of the model so that you can easily know what direction is forward.  This makes orientation fast and efficient!

Bubble Levels

Each vestibular apparatus has an embedded bubble level that helps orient the model when placed on the wearer.  Since every head shape is different and will be comfortable at different angles, it’s necessary to adjust each time.  A simple ball joint makes this easy to accomplish.

Headband Web
Headband Bubble