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When Helena Esmonde transitioned from a large hospital-based outpatient vestibular clinic to a small, privately owned clinic, she found herself without the use of the infrared video goggles she had become accustomed to using for her patients’ care. Her new workplace was an independent, PT/PTA co-owned physical therapy clinic that could not afford the minimum $8500 price tag for a pair among the current ones on the market. She brought this problem to her husband Patrick Esmonde, and he said, “Tell me more about the goggles.” After an explanation and research, he said, “I can build that.” And so necessity once more became the mother of invention and Patrick developed infrared video goggles that not only did what a vestibular therapist would need them to do, but he built them at a much lower cost. When Helena discovered that this was possible, she asked (perhaps nearly demanded) that they make these infrared video goggles available to countless other researchers, clinicians, and educators whose organizations could not afford such useful but costly technology. For this reason, Vestibular First came to be!