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The launch of our CEU course Eye Movements in Vestibular Pathology marks the beginning of our formal educational offerings for the vestibular community.  We are excited to support the professional growth of the vestibular community through our courses and educational models.  

The Innovation and Design team is still hard at working on our next product line that will allow oculomotor testing such as smooth pursuits and saccades with our modular add-on.



Our innovation & design team didn’t rest on the laurels of their success when reviewing the positive feedback from the launch of the Insight Goggles, so they got started on the launch of the Pro goggles with an improved camera, case, and compatibility with the newly launched disposable cushion!

Insight Pro Modular Cushions


After 3 years of countless revisions, pages of FDA documents, shipping delays—the dream came true and we finally had our first batch of goggles in our hands.  Helena was hard pressed to contain her excitement to see her vision come to fruition!  Finally everyday clinicians would be able to provide the best patient care possible to those suffering from vestibular disorders.

Helena with First Article


The focus was firmly fixed on two major milestones:  FDA clearance and manufacturing.  Both were achieved successfully and in November the 510k was granted by FDA for the Insight Infrared Video Goggles!  A patent was also awarded for the innovative modular design, which is the first in company history.  All of this was accomplished through the global covid pandemic–quite the challenge for the team–but it was nevertheless overcome with their tireless dedication to delivering the most affordable and innovative infrared goggles on the market!

Plastic Shell - 1 - Square


Supported by feedback from the research users, the design requirements were formalized for the Insight Infrared Video Goggles.  Starting with just a simple outline of the body, the goggles were built from the ground up with a focus on components that were modular and easy to upgrade to meet the evolving needs of clinicians in the field.  

Swap - Design


Having never started a medical device company, the team built a team of engineering, regulatory, and manufacturing experts to help launch their vision of affordable and practical infrared video goggles.  Using 3D printing for rapid prototyping and testing, the first goggles went through 16 initial iterations until they settled on a design that was easy to manufacture in-house and would allow them to collect feedback for their final design



The first prototype of our infrared video goggle was made as the request of co-founder Helena Esmonde PT, DPT, NCS when she wanted to transition from a hospital-based outpatient clinic to a small, privately owned clinic.  They could not afford to purchase even the most basic goggles on the market, so she asked her tech-savvy co-founder and husband Patrick Esmonde, MSE if he could build her a pair.  The first set was little more than cardboard and string in a gutted out virtual reality goggle housing, but it accomplished the main goal–eyes on a screen!