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Insight Pro Goggles

Order the most affordable, innovative, and effective FDA-Cleared Infrared Video Goggles (IR Goggles/VOG/Video Frenzels) for vestibular clinicians and educators on the market!

Disposable Cushions

The first modular component of the Insight Goggles for settings where contact precautions are a top priority.

Fluid-Filled Vestibular Apparatus

Watch the otoconia crystals fall in this fluid-filled vestibular apparatus model.  You can manipulate the model to allow the crystals to get stuck to the cupulas as well as return home to the vestibule in this educational model.

Vestibular Headband

Learn the connection between the semicircular canals and head position with this headband model.  Easily adapts to multiple head sizes and has bubble levels and directional arrows to easily orient the models.

Functional Inner Ear Education Model

Large 4″ model of the “Functional Inner Ear” on a stand from our partners at Vestibular Today

Jewelry & Pins

Show your true passion to the world with these life-sized inner ears in the form of earrings, necklaces, pins, and pendants

Life-Sized Inner Ear

See just how small yet mighty the inner ear is with our true-to-life sized educational inner ear model in partnership with Vestibular Today

3D Model of Vestibular Apparatus 

Large 5″ tall model of the vestibular labyrinth anatomy–perfect for students, educators, and clinicians!