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Learn more about the next generation of the popular Insight Infrared Video Goggles and how it can improve your clinical practice and patient experience.

Vestibular First has created the most affordable, effective, simple, and empowering Infrared Video Goggles for professional  vestibular clinicians, researchers, and educators on the market!

Insight Pro Modular Cushions

Modular Design

The Insight Pro Goggles are designed to grow with your needs with our patented modular design.  It is easy to swap components in the field in seconds.  There are 4 sections:  Camera, Body, Cushion, and Strap.  We are developing additional modules based on feedback from customers like you!
Disposable Cushion 2

Disposable Cushion

One of the first modular components developed is the disposable cushion.  Perfect for inpatient and rehab settings or with populations that have contact precautions, including COVID.  Our testing has found the disposable cushion are great for unique face shapes that are difficult to get a light-tight and comfortable fit.  Goggles come with a starter pack of 3 cushions.  You can order a 40-count box in our online store.
Fixation Light

Fixation Light

Located on the top of the camera section there are two independent fixation lights to allow a clinician to provide an accurate differential diagnosis between central and peripheral signs.  You can see this in practice in our educational article on downbeat nystagmus.
Cover Removal

Removable Cover 

The side buttons on the front cover allow you to remove the camera for easily repositioning the patient between maneuvers.  This is also great for giving patients a break without fully removing the goggles.
Strap Removal

Quick-Release Strap

Our feature that clinicians love the most is the quick-release strap!  For donning and doffing, there is no easier way to goggles on and off!  Simply press the buckle on the side and you can remove the goggles with one hand–leaving your other hand to assistant your patient.
Adust Straps

Adjustable and comfortable

Our team has developed the most comfortable and adjustable goggles on the market.  The easy-to-adjust straps are made of medical grade silicone and use an industry-leading adjuster for the perfect fit!  Our durable and disposable cushions have also been highly rated by our users for being the most comfortable they’ve ever used.

Easy to Clean 

Due to the modular design, every nook and cranny of the Insight Pro goggles can be easily cleaned–no more buildup of makeup, oils, or other debris in your goggles!  Simply disconnect the modular sections and clean using standard cleaning protocols.
Travel Case with Cushions

Travel Case

The new case for the Insight Pro makes is easy to store and travel with your goggles.  There’s space included to bring three disposable cushions as well!  Fashionable and secure–the travel case will keep your goggles protected and easy to carry between patient sessions.

Product Videos, Reviews, & Unboxings

We have been overwhelmed by the excellent reviews of our goggles by trusted clinicians around the world.  Don’t just take our word for it!  

Kregg Ochitwa BScPT, CWCE, CredMDT

Kregg has been a registered physical therapist since 1995 and besides working for a period of time in Iceland he has worked exclusively in the outpatient setting. Over the past 15 years his caseload has shifted from solely orthopedic to a blend of orthopedic and vestibular.

Danielle Tollman, PT, DPT 

Vestibular specialist and creator of Vestibular Today and co-host of Talk Dizzy To Me podcast. 

Carrick Institute

The Carrick Institute is dedicated to delivering challenging and high-quality clinical neuroscience education to healthcare professionals.


Top FAQs

What is included?

1 x Insight Pro Goggles
1 x Durable Cushion
3 x Disposable Cushions
1 x Protective Travel Case

What is the price? Are there any discounts or specials?

The price is a market-leading $2500 with no additional one-time or recurring costs.  The software recommended is free and has unlimited installations. 

What accessories are recommended?

Everything you need to get started already comes in the box.  The first modular component offered is an optional disposable cushion.   If your clinic is very busy and you cannot afford any downtime, you can purchase backup spare parts to make sure your goggles are always ready for the next patient.

Where can you ship?

The Insight Infrared Video Goggles have been cleared by the FDA for clinicians in the United States.  All goggles shipped internationally are labeled on the device and shipping container with “For Research Purposes Only”.  You must follow all your local laws and regulations.  Please review the details on our International FAQ page for more details.