Insight  Infrared Video Goggles


Infrared Video Goggles

Vestibular First has created the most affordable, effective, simple, and empowering Infrared Video Goggles for vestibular clinicians and educators on the market!

A-001 - Exploded View

Fixation Light

Each eye has an independent fixation light for use in differential diagnosis while viewing and recording.  Switches are conveniently located for easy access 

Removable Cover

The front cover of the goggle is easily removable to allow the clinician to re-position the wearer during maneuvers without fully removing the goggles.


Our goggles are fully compatible with Windows and Apple operating systems so you can work with the machines you already have in your clinic without needing an expensive upgrade.

Quick-Release Strap

The goggles are easily removable with one hand using the new quick-release straps.  Simply grasp the clip and the goggles are released.


All surfaces have been designed to be cleaned with alcohol.   Additionally, the face cushion is removable and we are developing a disposable cushion for high-risk contact precautions.

Smaller & Lighter

Our engineers have worked to make the goggles small and light.  This increases patient comfort and allows for easier patient manipulation.

Product Review

The reviewer Vestibular Today was not compensated in any way for creating this review. 

*Goggles are currently not FDA cleared, however we are undergoing the application process now and expect to have clearance in Fall 2020.

Pre-Order Details

What is included?

(1) Insight Infrared Video Goggles
(1) Durable Cushion 
(1) Protective Case

When will the goggles be delivered?

We are currently undergoing our regulatory review by the FDA and anticipate longer shipping times from our manufacturer due to COVID.  Therefore, we anticipate the goggles will be available to ship to customers late 2020/early 2021.  Pre-orders placed before we receive FDA clearance will get a $250 discount and free priority shipping in the US!


The goggles are primarily being offered in the United States, however, if you are outside the US, your goggles will be labeled “For Research Purposes Only” and you must follow your local laws and regulation.  Please review the details on our International FAQ page for more details.


If you place your order before the goggles are released, the pre-order price is $1250.  When they are FDA cleared, the goggles will cost $1500.

System Overview

system overview

Standard Views

Advanced Views

(Integrated or 3rd party webcam required)


Patented Infrared Video Goggles

Durable Cushion

Protective Travel Case

Unlimited Hardware and Software Support

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