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Do I need a dedicated video card for your goggles?

A graphics card is not required to run OBS or access the cameras–however, our team strongly suggests that one is utilized for the best performance.  Here’s a few reasons we recommend one:

  • Faster frame rate support
  • Will not slow down other applications while recording
  • They are optimized for video playback and recording

There a few different manufactures, however the most common are NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.  Most desktop and laptops (and even some tablets) have the option to have a dedicated graphics cards installed–although usually it’s done when the computer is being built. 

If you have any questions about this or don’t know if you have one or not, you can generate a log file from OBS and our support team can review this to confirm.

Note: Some manufacturers have graphics cards installed on the motherboards–however–these are not dedicated and have the same limitations.