• I have been using the Vestibular First infrared video goggles in my clinic and find them excellent. Because of the low cost I will not hesitate to upgrade my existing video goggles to Vestibular First as needed over time, and will be able to equip more exam rooms. I have recommended them to many physicians and PTs who have come to see patients with me. The software platform is very capable and has allowed me to save exams in a way that is easy to recover for review, editing and teaching. This product will make a higher level of care available to the many underserved patients with balance disorders.

    Michael Teixido MD
  • As my PT practice in Vestibular Rehabilitation started to expand and I gained more knowledge in the extensive assessment involved in evaluating vestibular function, I realized how crucial it was to incorporate the use of infrared video goggles in my practice. The Vestibular First goggles were the best option due to affordability, portability, and ease of use. Since obtaining them, I have been able to take my PT practice to the next level and would highly recommend them!

    Sonia Vovan
    Sonia Vovan, MScPT
    Registered Physiotherapist and Owner
  • The Vestibular First goggles were very comfortable and efficient. I was especially impressed by the clarity of view they provided. I have had a difficult time in the past positioning other types of goggles in a manner that was comfortable for my patients while still providing me with a good view of their eye. Considering the price, portability and comfort, I highly recommend this product!

    Heather 1
    Heather Dillon, PT, DPT, NCS
    Assistant Professor
  • I previously had In-View monocular goggles with TV. I love that the Insight goggles plug right into Mac. The portability makes this system usable in all 3 of our practices. Clarity on Mac screen is great. Recording capacity and ease of access to videos is great for teaching. I love recording camera + voice. I love these goggles – they have been a huge asset to my clinical practice!

    Jennifer Liss, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
    Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Vestibular First has been a great cost-effective tool in my practice. This allows me to observe aberrances in eye movements due to peripheral vestibular etiologies that I would not normally be able to assess without expensive equipment. My patients thank you!

    Hartman 1
    Jonathan Hartman DC, DACNB, DACRB
    Director of Chiropractic
  • I am totally satisfied. The pictures are all very clear. I am not encountering any problems, even when applying the Epley or Lempert maneuver. I am very happy to work with these goggles!

    Tom Hanf
  • This is an excellent product for the price point. Greater functionality can be had at more than 30 times the price point, for sure, but this is an excellent entry level eye movement study device.

    Seth 1
    Seth LaFlamme, DC
  • The goggles are working great, and they have significantly increased the accuracy of my diagnosis. For the price, there is not any other equipment on the market that I know of that can do what the Vestibular First goggles can do. Patients enjoy being able to see videos of what their eyes do in certain positions. The customer service has been fantastic. Overall, I am very pleased with everything so far

    Graham Clements
    Doctor of Chiropractic
  • I highly recommend purchasing these goggles. When the goal is to get results, more expensive equipment doesn’t always equate to better outcomes. These goggles are a perfect price point to get more pieces to the puzzle.
    Michael Lovich
    Michael Lovich DC MS DACNB
    Chiropractic Functional Neurologist
  • I actually just got a pair of your goggles not too long ago and have really enjoyed them – it has been fun, interesting and comforting being a little more specific with my assessment, especially when trying to tease out central signs. I’m in a fairly rural setting so resources are somewhat limited, and it’s been great having them
    Mickey Sanders, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  • I stumbled on Vestibular First infrared video goggles on social media when looking for equipment suggestions for a new clinic. The Esmonde team worked swiftly, professionally, and thoroughly to provide me with any necessary information to present to my supervisors. The goggles were exactly what I was looking for- practical and easy to use.  They have been available and accessible with any questions to ensure I was able to get the best use during my practice. I highly recommend their product as well as their service.

    Melissa Dygulski, PT, DPT, NCS
    Neurological Physical Therapist
  • We have been using the Vestibular First goggles for several months now. Customer service from this company was great. Helena (co-founder) is a PT and vestibular therapist, and we felt very comfortable ordering goggles from her as she knows clinically what is needed for infrared goggles. I have already recommended these to my colleagues and will continue to do so.

    Margaret Fitzpatrick, PT, DPT, OCS
  • Outstanding tech support while working to integrate my Vestibular First infrared video goggles with my clinic’s laptop. Patrick was amazingly responsive, patient and relentless in the pursuit of a solution. Excited to incorporate this cutting edge technology into my teaching and practice!

    Tina Stoeckmann, PT, DSc, MA
    Clinical Professor and Neurologic Residency Program Director
  • We have been very pleased with our Insight Infrared goggles. The software allows for playback of the recorded eye movements, which has allowed for a higher level of patient education that I now feel is crucial. The goggles come in a nice case that allow for easy travel. The price is extremely fair for a great pair of goggles, it’s definitely worth it!
    Danielle Vaughan, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist and Owner