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How do I Redeem Points?

Once you have earned your reward points, you’re ready for the fun part–redeeming them!  Please follow the steps below to redeem your points. Please refer to the program rules and regulations for additional details.

1.) Login to your account

If you do not have an account, you can create one from the same link.  You can start earning rewards today!

Step 2 - Browse

2.) Browse to redemption form

On the left hand side, click Rewards, and then follow the link to the redemption form.

Step 3 - Select Reward

3.) Select your reward(s)

You will now see the reward tiers and the points needed for each.  Use the check-boxes to select the rewards you want.

Note:  The Points Redemption Calculator at the bottom of this page will let you see how many points you have and remaining after using your reward points.

Step 4 - Addt Infomation

4.) Add additional information (if applicable)

If you are making a donation or receiving products as your reward, there is additional required fields needed to process the item.  Please fill this in if applicable.

Note:  Coupons do not require any additional information and will be emailed to you once you submit the form.

Step 5 - Submit

5.) Confirm your reward and then submit form

Double-check your request and then press Submit at the bottom of the form.  If your reward requires any follow-up, you will be contacted by our staff.  Please allow up to 2 business days to confirm donations and product shipment.  Coupons will be issued automagically and will be sent to the email address of your account.