Can I get an invoice or quote for purchasing?

Yes, you can create an invoice online for use in your internal accounting processes that might not accommodate an immediate payment.  You can you can pay by check or via a payment link at a later date with this option.

Note:  Please review our payment terms if you are planning to pay by PO or Check.

A. Add items to cart

Browse our online store of vestibular products designed for researchers, clinicians, and educators alike!  Alternately, use our Order Form to save time when adding multiple items.  Click the Add to Cart button next to the items you wish to add to the invoice.

Quote - Step 2

B. Proceed to Checkout

Once your cart is all filled with goodies, click the Checkout button from either the cart page or in the drop-down menu from the cart icon in the upper-right.

Quote - Step 3

C. Enter Order Information

Enter your personal and company information to proceed with order.  You cannot create an invoice without the fields required online.

Quote - Step 4

D. Payment Method

Select the Generate Quote/Pro Forma Invoice from the payment option

Quote - Step 5

E. Click Place Order

You will receive an invoice via email that you can submit through your accounting system.  You can pay for the invoice via check or the payment link in the email.

If you don’t receive the email, check your email and confirm that is added to your permitted list to avoid any junk/spam filters. 

Note:  Your order will not start until payment is received and deposited.