Introducing Insight Pro+ Video Goggles for Vestibular Clinics

Philadelphia, October 3, 2023 — Vestibular First, known for producing streamlined diagnostic tools for vestibular clinics, recently announced the launch of the highly anticipated Insight Pro+ goggles, a remarkable upgrade to their trusted product line. These goggles not only redefine affordability but also reflect Vestibular First’s commitment to putting patients and the clinics that care for them first. The new features of the Insight Pro+ are just the beginning of an exciting journey to enhance the user experience without compromising the simplicity and affordability of previous products.

With the Insight Pro+ goggles, Vestibular First introduces a host of updates that elevate the diagnostic experience. These upgrades embody Vestibular First’s unwavering dedication to their customers, shaping the goggles to meet direct feedback from users who rely on Vestibular First’s video Frenzel goggles for accuracy, efficacy, and streamlined usability.

One standout feature of the Insight Pro+ line, an optimized camera with better resolution, can seamlessly switch between high-speed mode at full HD or 5mp at 30 fps. This new high-speed feature is explicitly tailored for diagnoses that demand the utmost precision and clarity. The Vestibular First team also redesigned the strap to provide improved comfort and stability. The new strap design ensures a snug fit for diverse head shapes and easy-to-remove snaps, enabling healthcare professionals to focus entirely on their work without distractions.

“Today’s launch of the Insight Pro+ is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional value and versatility to clinics of all shapes and sizes,” said Vestibular First co-founder Helena Esmonde. “We’ve listened closely to the needs and challenges of real clinicians, and the result is an upgraded product that reflects their direct input. The Insight Pro+ goggles will continue to deliver the affordability Vestibular First is known for while allowing us to bring enhanced diagnostics to clinics across the U.S.”

The Insight Pro+ goggles are available now, marking a new era in accessible vestibular care. As they embark on this exciting journey of customer-centric innovation, Vestibular Firsts invites healthcare professionals to experience firsthand the impact of these user-inspired enhancements.

About Vestibular First

Co-founded by a vestibular clinician, Vestibular First is dedicated to creating simple, effective, affordable, and empowering vestibular technologies that improve the lives of those suffering from vestibular disorders. Combining a dedication to education with the development of accessible, reliable, and streamlined tools, Vestibular First aims to elevate vestibular diagnostics and empower clinicians and specialists to provide the best possible patient experience. Their premier product line of video Frenzel goggles represents the fusion of meticulous engineering, user-driven design, and cost-effective accessibility. For more information, visit vestibularfirst.com.