Hello (Vestibular) World!

We are excited to launch our innovative and affordable vestibular technologies!  Our site has a few key sections you should know:

  • Store – Browse out infrared video goggles, educational products, and 3D models of the inner ear that can help you improve your practice, educate students, and help those suffering with vertigo get the care they need!
  • Education – Core to our business is helping to increase awareness and educational resources to clinicians, researchers, and educators.  We have an ongoing list of articles and helpful clinical pearls that we love to share.
  • Events – Come and see us in person to introduce yourself and help build our community of amazing vestibular therapists!
  • About Us – Explore our team and company history to learn how it all started!
  • Support– Get all the help you need with placing your order, video tutorials to get your products installed, and troubleshooting when things don\’t go as planned.