BPPV in Focus

Looking to educate your patients on Benign Paroxysmal Positional (BPPV) Vertigo? We have selected several resources to help you and your patients understand this disorder.

To start, here are three effective online resources to share with your patients who want to learn more about their condition:

  1. Vestibular Disorders Association’s (VEDA) patient education page – very detailed and accurate

  2. Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy’s education sheet – simple information in pdf format for easy printing and email sharing

  3. U.S. News and World Report’s health article – clearly written and succinct summary of what BPPV is and recommendations for seeking medical care

Clinical Pearl

BPPV Model Simulations & Videos

Does diagnosing and explaining BPPV get you a little dizzy and confused? Check out the 3D model simulations and eye movement videos at BPPV Viewer to help understand & educate others about BPPV, as provided by talented ENTs Michael Teixido & Henri Traboulsi.


Product Update

Fluid-Filled Vestibular Apparatus

BPPV treatment techniques such as the modified canalith repositioning maneuver (Epley) work. It’s perfect for use with patients, students, and clinical mentorship and training, and it looks great on your desk, too!


Practice Tips

Affordable Equipment Ideas

Whether you’re leading a vestibular rehab program solo or are joining a team of vestibular clinicians, you’ll want to make sure that you have equipment that is reliable, affordable, and works for your space. When co-founder Helena Esmonde, PT, DPT, NCS brought vestibular rehab to a small, previously ortho focused clinic, she compiled a list of items that would be essential to a successful vestibular program. This is the basis of the Essential Equipment for Vestibular Therapists we have published on our website.  For example, pictured below is a vibration applicator that can be used for the Modified Log Roll by Kim et al. 2012 (add vibration to affected side for horizontal canal cupulolithiasis, proceed with BBQ/Lempert log roll maneuver while keeping vibration on affected side).


Frequently Asked Questions

Centering the Eyes When Using Infrared Video Goggles

  • Question:  After I have the patient comfortable in Vestibular First’s infrared video goggles, how do you center the eyes when viewing them in Open Broadcaster Software?  
  • Answer: Click on the Master Scene for the eye you want to center. Then, click and drag the pupil to the center of the preview window. Learn more with this pictorial tutorial


Organizations to Know

Foundation for Physical Therapy

The Foundation for Physical Therapy is a nonprofit organization that funds scholarships, grants, and fellowships in order to promote physical therapy research. They have awarded $17 million to date to support improved patient care. You can get involved as a researcher by applying for funds, as a volunteer by raising money for this worthy organization, or even serving as a member of the scientific review committee if you meet the criteria. Even students can get involved by fundraising for the Annual Pitt-Marquette Challenge. Explore new ways to further evidence based treatment for BPPV and much more!