COVID-19 Response Plan

3D Printer

Seeking 3D Printing Projects

Here at Vestibular First, our priorities are shifting to help support the response to the COVID-19 virus across the world.  We are seeking projects to support the efforts with the use of our 3D printers and fabrication facilities to assist in any way we can.   We are looking to support your organization’s efforts to combat the impact of the COVID-19 virus.  Please reach out to us using the below form to submit your project for prioritization.  

Note:  Due to our current manufacturing process, we are not able produce parts that need to be autoclaved or sterilized at high temperatures.

Support our COVID Response

Vestibular First is committed to helping our colleagues in the healthcare industry with the equipment they need to safely do their jobs.   If you would like to support the production of any of our products, please consider a donation to offset our costs of production. 

Product Requests

We are currently able to produce the below products in response to the COVID pandemic.  You may request one of these for your healthcare organization using our website checkout process


Face Shield with Adjustable Velcro Strap

Based on a NIH-reviewed set of 3D printable products, we created this to be easy to produce at scale with common materials.    Adjustable to a variety of face shapes and with a comfortable forehead cushion.

COVID Response Form

We have the following equipment available for your projects:

  • (1) Lulzbot Taz 6 3D printer with factory 0.5mm nozzle. 
    Print volume: 280mm (l) x 280mm (w) x 250mm (h)
  • (1) Prusa MK3S 3D printer with factory 0.4mm nozzle
    Print Volume: 250mm (l) x 210mm (w) x 210mm (h)
  • (1) Prusa MK3S MMU2S Multi-material 3D printer with factory 0.4mm nozzle
    Print Volume: 250mm (l) x 210mm (w) x 210mm (h)
  • (1) Cricut Maker CNC fabric/material cutter.
    Max Material Size: 305mm x 610mm  (12″ x 24″)