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Table of Contents

Tips for Cable Handling & Storage

USB Connector Handling
● Insert the left and right USB connectors (located at the ends of the cable) to the
USB ports gently and firmly, without bending or twisting the connectors or cable
● When removing the USB connectors from each port, gently pull straight on each
USB connector (rather than at an angle). Do not pull on the cable itself. Only pull
on the USB connectors.

During Patient Session
● After the goggles are on the patient but before testing, free the cable from any
table legs or edges, as well as ensuring sufficient length for planned testing and
patient movements
● Avoid stepping on or rolling over the cable with rolling stools
● Avoid sharp bends or kinks along the cable length when performing vestibular
tests or when transitioning patient position

Always store the goggles in their case when not in use for several hours/days
Loop the cable loosely and store the goggle/cable assembly in the customized
case with the goggles upright in this order:

  1. Place the looped cable in the case around the cable dome
  2. Place the goggles upright in the case, with the cushion side toward
    the cable dome and the front of the goggles toward the top (handle
    side) of the case