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Step 3 – Don & Adjust Goggles

Ensuring a comfortable and stable fit is key for a successful session viewing eye movements.  There are several steps which can improve the user experience for both the clinician and wearer. 

DONNING PROCESS: Goggles must be cleaned before each patient use; 70% isopropyl alcohol 30% distilled water is the recommended solution


A. Loosen side straps

 It is recommended that BEFORE you place the goggles on the wearer, loosen the strap using the strap adjusters on each side.


B. Position goggles on patient’s face

It is recommended that the goggles be placed in the most comfortable position on the patient’s face first before looking at the eye position on the screen.  The goggles can move up and down the nose as far down as the nostrils and as far up as the top of the bridge.


C. Tighten side straps

Assist wearer by holding the goggles in a comfortable position over their eyes and using the strap adjusters on each side, pulling straight back to secure the strap comfortably but firmly enough to keep goggles in place over eyes.

Step 3 Complete 🙂