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How to install OBS on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

We recommend the use of the free, open-source software called Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) Software for Apple MacOS.  It allows for significant flexibility in viewing, recording, and exporting.  Installing with the new version of Catalina has a number of additional steps you’ll need to complete due to additional security protocols implemented by Apple.


A.) Download

Browse to the OBS Download page and download the installer

Catalina Install 1

B.) Open Installer and Move into Apps

After opening the installer, drag the OBS icon into the Applications folder.

Catalina Install 2

B.) Open OBS for the first time

Find the Applications folder and then double-click to open OBS for the first time


Catalina Install 3

A.) Confirm Download

Click Open to the dialog confirming you have downloaded the file online.

Catalina Install 4

B.) Grant Microphone Access

Click Ok to allow OBS to access the microphone for your recordings.

Catalina Install 6

C.) Optimize for Recording

Select Optimize Just for Recording… in the options list.

Catalina Install 7

D.) Confirm Frames per Second

Select 30 from the dropdown list for FPS and keep the Base (Canvas) Resolution recommended then click Next.

Catalina Install 8

E.) Apply Settings

Click Apply Settings to confirm the recommendations of the Auto-Configuration Wizard.  You can always changes these settings manually.

Catalina Install 9
Catalina Install 10
Catalina Security Check 5
Catalina Install 11

F.) Grant Keyboard Access

In order to use our keyboard shortcuts, it is necessary to grant keyboard access to OBS.  Here are the steps:

  1. Click Open System Preferences
  2. Click the lock icon and then type in your password to grant access
  3. Check the box next to OBS
  4. Click Later when asked to close OBS
Catalina Install 21
Catalina Security Check 4

G.) Grant Microphone Access

Click Ok to allow OBS to add audio to your recordings.  Make sure there is a check box next to OBS in your Security & Privacy Settings

Catalina Install 14

H.) Allow Updates

It is recommended that you allow OBS to check for updates by clicking Check Automatically.


Using the resolution and file found in the OBS Templates page, download the template into your Downloads folder and then continue with the below steps to import your template.

Catalina Install 18

A.) Import Scene Collection

From the top menu bar, select Scene Collection and then select Import.

Catalina Install 16
Catalina Install 17

B.) Allow File and Downloads Folder Access

In order to load the template file as well as save video files, OBS will need access to your local Documents and Downloads folders.  Click Ok to both prompts.

Catalina Install 19

C.) Select Downloaded File

Navigate to your file and then click Open to import the downloaded template. 

Catalina Install 22

C.) Select Imported Template

In the Scene Collection menu at the top select the template you just imported from the bottom of the list by clicking on it.

Catalina Install 20

D.) Grant Camera Access

After selecting the template, please click Ok to allow OBS to access your cameras.


Catalina Security Check 1

A.) Open System Preferences

In the Apple menu, click System Preferences 

Catalina Security Check 2

B.) Open Security & Privacy

In the system preferences, open the Security & Privacy application by clicking the icon.

Catalina Security Check 3
Catalina Security Check 4
Catalina Security Check 5
Catalina Security Check 6

C.) Confirm Access

Please confirm the following sections have a check box next to OBS:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Input Monitoring (Keyboard)
  • Files and Folders

Setup for OBS for MacOS Complete!