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How to import LUT to improve image clarity

If you would like to import a LUT to adjust for eye detail clarity, please review the below steps.  If you need more basic corrections, please review our article on How Use OBS Filters To Improve Image Clarity.

A.) Download LUT files

We have generated a few generic LUTs for your usage. 

Please Right-Click the files on the left and then download onto your computer.  This varies by browser, but will be similar to:  “Save link as…”,  “Save target as…”, etc.  A LUT file is just a text file, so if you click on the link directly, it will just show the underlying text file.

Contrast - Step 2

B.) Select Camera

Click on the camera you would like to modify in the Sources section.

Contrast - Step 3

C.) Open Filters Dialog

In the bar above the Scenes and Sources sections, click Filters to open the dialog box.


D.) Add Effect Filter

Click on the plus (+) sign in the section called Effect Filters.  In the dropdown, select Color Correction.


E.) Name Filter

Please type in a name here that will reflect the change you are making.  For example, if you are increasing the contrast, you could name the filter “Contrast Boost”.  Other common filters are Brighten, Darken, Increase Highlights, etc.


F.) Import Downloaded LUT

From Step A, please click Browse and find the LUT you would like to import.  Then click Ok.


F.) Change visibility and/or Amount

Once the LUT is imported, you can change the amount the filter is applied by using the slider from 0 to 1.  You can also turn off this filter by clicking on the eye icon as well.  Normally these settings are untouched.