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How to use OBS filters to increase image clarity of videos

If you would like to improve the details visible in the cameras to help with light striations or eye colors that are difficult to see with the infrared cameras, follow the steps below to improve the quality.

Contrast - Step 1

A.) Open Scene

Click on the scene you wish to modify the details of.  Please note that it is recommended that you alter each camera one at a time to help address each independently. 

Contrast - Step 2

B.) Select Camera

Click on the camera you would like to modify in the Sources section.

Contrast - Step 3

C.) Open Filters Dialog

In the bar above the Scenes and Sources sections, click Filters to open the dialog box.

Contrast - Step 5

D.) Add Effect Filter

Click on the plus (+) sign in the section called Effect Filters.  In the dropdown, select Color Correction.

Note:  If you wish to sharpen your image, you can also apply the Sharpen Filter instead of (or in addition to) the Color Correction filter

Contrast - Step 6

E.) Name Filter

Please type in a name here that will reflect the change you are making.  For example, if you are increasing the contrast, you could name the filter “Contrast Boost”.  Other common filters are Brighten, Darken, Increase Highlights, etc.

Contrast - Step 7

F.) Adjust Image Settings

Using the sliders provided, adjust the following settings to increase the details of your image:

  • Gamma – Overall brightness and darkness of the image
  • Contrast – Provides increased detail between light and dark areas
  • Brightness – Adjusts the minimum darkness of an image.
  • Saturation – Not commonly used due to images already being black and white (desaturated)
  • Hue Shift – Not commonly used due to images already being black and white (desaturated)
  • Opacity – Not Used

Click Close when complete.