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Video Reviews of Infrared Video Goggles

We love our customers and getting to hear how much they love our products! Below are some unpaid video reviews of our new Insight Infrared Video Goggles  

Kregg Ochitwa BScPT, CWCE, CredMDT

Kregg has been a registered physical therapist since 1995 and besides working for a period of time in Iceland he has worked exclusively in the outpatient setting. Over the past 15 years his caseload has shifted from solely orthopedic to a blend of orthopedic and vestibular.

Danielle Tate, PT, DPT 

Dr. Danielle Tate is a physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of patients with vestibular and balance dysfunction. She obtained both her BS in Healthcare Management as well as her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Miscericordia University in Dallas, PA. In addition, she completed and successfully passed the Vestibular Competency Course presented by Duke University School of Medicine and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in Atlanta, GA. It was in Physical Therapy School that Dr. Tate became a true “Vestibuloholic”, where she had a 10-week clinical rotation with a vestibular specialist at the Otolarygology, Vestibular, and Balance Center at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. A few years later, she developed the educational version of a 3D printed model of the Vestibular Organ for both patient and clinician education. In order to share her educational model, she founded Vestibular Today, a website dedicated to sharing interesting patient cases, educational videos, and vestibular-related research. 


Carrick Institute

The Carrick Institute is dedicated to delivering challenging and high-quality clinical neuroscience education to healthcare professionals.

Lisa Brekke, PT, DPT 

Dr. Lisa Brekke serves as a physical therapist for Kinetic Edge in Des Moines, Iowa. Her mission is to provide vestibular rehabilitation and grow with the company to better assist our community. Lisa earned a doctorate in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University. She also has advanced training in Vestibular Rehabilitation. 
This video is an interview with Dr. Brekke featuring our Insight Infrared Video Goggles. 

Kinetic Edge