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Vestibular Today Models

In partnership with the team at Vestibular Today, we are excited to share with you two new educational models of the inner ear!  Perfect for clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and patients.  Learn all of the anatomy and see models like you’ve never seen with the True-to-Life Sized model and the Functional Inner Ear.

Vestibular Today offers a unique blend of products and education that we here at Vestibular First love to support and we are thrilled to be offering this to our amazing community.  As always, please let us know what you’d like to see with our products and services so we can best meet your needs.

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The anatomically accurate 4-inch model is positioned on an elegant 3D printed base which allows you to easily remove it for hands-on education of clinicians, researchers, educators, and students. Each of the main parts of the anatomy are labeled: the cochlea, semicircular canals, and their respective cupulas. Perfect for clinics and educational settings where explaining the anatomy is required. Our model also comes with a removable ring to simulate the movement of otoconia during repositioning maneuvers for treating positional vertigo like BPPV.

The True-to-Size model of the left inner ear is perfect for clinicians, researchers, educators, and students who want to better understand the scale of the balance and hearing organs. Created using traditional lost-wax techniques, these models are cast in metal and are displayed in an attractive display box. Models are available in silver or gold plated 18k and rose gold and are the perfect balance of beauty and affordability.

About Vestibular Today

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We have partnered with Vestibular Today to provide educational resources to the vestibular community of clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and patients.

Dr. Danielle Tolman, PT is a physical therapist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients with vestibular and balance dysfunction.  Dr. Tolman had the opportunity to complete a 10 week clinical rotation with a vestibular specialist at The Otolaryngology, Vestibular, and Balance Center at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA where she became a true “Vestibuloholic”. 

Dr. Tolman developed the original “Functional Inner Ear Model” for both patient and clinician education. In order to share her educational model, she founded Vestibular Today, which is a growing website and community dedicated to sharing interesting patient cases, educational videos, and vestibular-related research. The newest addition to Vestibular Today includes her podcast “Talk Dizzy To Me” in which she and her co-host interview leading experts in the field.