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Membranous Labyrinth Models

We are happy to work with Dr. Michael Teixido to enhance the quality and accessibility of his otology research for clinicians, educators, and students. Based on the detailed anatomical model made for the BPPV Viewer application, we have created a 3D printable version that brings an organ that is frequently misrepresented in photos and illustrations into your own hands.  Dr. Teixido’s valuable expertise in the vestibular field with our platform’s capabilities, aiming to make complex anatomy more accessible. Our goal is to facilitate better understanding and application of vestibular education throughout the world.

Membranous Labyrinth Model

The Membranous Labyrinth Model is an educational resource developed by Dr. Michael Teixido and his team as part of his work to developed the interactive BPPV Viewer application. This 3D model is based on detailed MRI scans and accurately depicts the membranous canals of the inner ear, providing a detailed and durable reference for those studying or explaining the nuances of BPPV. Printed in full color and made from sturdy nylon, the model is designed for learning and discussion in both clinical and educational environments.

About Dr. Michael Teixido


Michael Teixido is an otolaryngologist with a special interest in medical and surgical conditions that affect hearing and balance. He was born in Wilmington, Delaware and developed an interest in ear surgery because of a hereditary hearing condition in his family. He actively pursues his goals to advance the study and understanding of problems involving hearing, balance and general otolaryngology through his participation in many national professional organizations and through frequent lectures to his professional colleagues and the public. In collaboration with the Delaware Biotechnical Institute Dr. Teixido has created unique 3D materials for teaching anatomy, surgery, and pathophysiology. Dr Teixido has taken a leadership role in Otolaryngology in education on migraine, and in BPPV, and has established teaching tools and foundations to improve patient care. He also has an interest and active participation in education policy as relates to the education of children with hearing loss.