Production Started

We are excited to share progress with the production of the Insight Infrared Video Goggles! We are getting regular updates from our manufacturing partners and are happy to show you our progress.

Many of the components are already produced and will be put together as soon! We will receive our inventory in two batches:

  • Pre-Production – It’s an industry standard to produce a smaller first batch to refine the manufacturing and supply chain process, so we will produce a batch of 200 units which will be distributed to all pre-order customers so that they will have the necessary equipment to care for patients. Our manufacturing partners have been keeping us updated on the timeline and they estimate these will ship at the end of December via air. Current shipping estimates have the goggles arriving the first week of January 2021.

  • Production – The main production batch will be produced once the pre-production units are approved by our staff. We anticipate that they will be approved and this batch will be received within 30 days after sign-off. We are going to ship these via air as well to help expedite the distribution for the research goggles swap program! We estimate the second (larger) batch to be available the first week of February 2021.