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The Vestibular First Launch Event

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Speakers & Co-Founders

You’re invited to attend a special launch event as Vestibular First celebrates FDA clearance and patent of its innovative Insight Infrared Goggles.

Join the founders, Helena Esmonde PT, DPT, NCS, and Patrick Esmonde, MSE, as they share empowering and educational stories from the past 2 years of product development and plans for the future.


Dix Hallpike

FDA Cleared & Patented

Modular Design

Modular Design

One of the most important features of the goggles is that we built them with the future in mind.  We are just starting out as a company and during our research, we found hundreds of feature requests that would have been very complicated to implement in the first version, and there were many in conflict.  For example, some wanted wireless and would happily pay extra for it, while others were fine with a more affordable wired option.  By having only having one model available, it limits our ability to adapt to the wide range of needs of vestibular clinicians across the world!

With our patented design, what we developed was really a platform, with the first options being available for sale as the Insight Goggles.  We will be asking our amazing and passionate customers what add-ons they’d like to see in the future and because of our unique design, we can easily add new features without making everything more expensive.  Want wireless?  A pediatric version?  All patient-contacting surfaces disposable?  No problem with our design!  You will be able to customize your goggles to your exact specs!

Robust & Effective Software

Display & Record Eye Movements


Clinician-Developed Tools

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