how to print a 3d vestibular apparatus

Vestibular Apparatus

Here at Vestibular First, we are excited to share our knowledge and passion for the anatomy that makes up the vestibular system!  Combining this knowledge with technology is at the heart of our company.  There are only a limited amount of high-quality 3D models of the inner ear available, and none that are specific to the vestibular apparatus–so we re-mixed and re-modeled some publicly available models to suit the needs of educators, clinicians, and educators.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble, you can purchase a vestibular apparatus model to support the research efforts of our company to produce affordable and effective vestibular technologies.

Step 1

Find 3D printer or 3D printer service

You will need access to a machine that has a print-size of at least 120mm (l) x  120mm (w) x 120mm (h) (4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″).  If you aren’t able to find one, check out a service like Craftcloud.  Use referral code REFN8KMEEQL to get 10% off your order!  Our models are provided in millimeters and we recommend any basic plastic like PLA or SLA for a cost effective printing.

Step 2

Download the model

We have published our models on a 3D design site called Printables which allows people to collaborate and connect on projects.  Please visit the Vestibular First 3D Models page to view this and our other 3D models.

Step 3

Print the apparatus

Each printer and filament is different, however, here are our general recommendations.  Your mileage may vary–so use these settings as just a starting point:

  • Seam Position: Rear
  • Infill: Adaptive Cubic
  • Perimeters:  4
  • Supports: On Build Plate Only
Vestibular Apparatus Size