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Table of Contents

OBS Templates

If you are downloading templates for a new install, visit and follow the steps on the setup page here. 

OBS Template Download Page 

The files here are for older versions of OBS.

In order to import the template, you must download it to your local computer by accomplishing the following steps:

  • Click on the Download link below at the intersection of your computer’s Screen Resolution and your Operating System (Window or Apple)
  • Save this file to a known location like your downloads folder or the desktop.  You will need to know for the next step 🙂


  • If you are using Safari, you must right-click the file, then click “Download Linked File” to save the template.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you must right-click the file, then click “Save Target as…” to save the template.
  • The below templates are not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1.  We do not recommend OBS for this version of Windows due to severe limitations of the software.
  • If you cannot find your resolution, please email to request a custom size.
  • You cannot open the template file directly.  You need to to import the file using OBS.

Note:  You cannot open the downloaded JSON file directly.  You must import into OBS using the steps below.  If you try to open the file directly, you will just see text.  Follow the below directions to import your file.

Screen ResolutionWindowsApple
800 x 600DownloadDownload
1024 x 768DownloadDownload
1152 x 720DownloadDownload
1152 x 864DownloadDownload
1200 x 800DownloadDownload
1280 x 720DownloadDownload
1280 x 768DownloadDownload
1280 x 800DownloadDownload
1280 x 854DownloadDownload
1280 x 960DownloadDownload
1280 x 1024DownloadDownload
1344 x 840DownloadDownload
1360 x 768DownloadDownload
1366 x 768DownloadDownload
1368 x 912DownloadDownload
1440 x 900DownloadDownload
1440 x 960DownloadDownload
1500 x 1000DownloadDownload
1536 x 864DownloadDownload
1536 x 960DownloadDownload
1536 x 1024DownloadDownload
1600 x 900DownloadDownload
1600 x 1000DownloadDownload
1600 x 1200DownloadDownload
1680 x 945DownloadDownload
1680 x 1050DownloadDownload
1768 x 992DownloadDownload
1792 x 1120DownloadDownload
1920 x 1080DownloadDownload
1920 x 1200DownloadDownload
1920 x 1440DownloadDownload
2000 x 2000DownloadDownload
2048 x 1152DownloadDownload
2048 x 1280DownloadDownload
2160 x 1440DownloadDownload
2240 x 1260DownloadDownload
2304 x 1440DownloadDownload
2496 x 1664DownloadDownload
2560 x 1080DownloadDownload
2560 x 1440DownloadDownload
2560 x 1600DownloadDownload
2736 x 1824DownloadDownload
2880 x 1800DownloadDownload
2880 x 1920DownloadDownload
2940 x 1912DownloadDownload
3000 x 2000DownloadDownload
3072 x 1728DownloadDownload
3072 x 1920DownloadDownload
3200 x 1800DownloadDownload
3440 x 1440DownloadDownload
3456 x 2234DownloadDownload
3840 x 1600DownloadDownload
3840 x 2160DownloadDownload
4480 x 2520DownloadDownload
5120 x 1440DownloadDownload
5120 x 2880DownloadDownload