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How do I increase/decrease the zoom to change the size of eye in viewer

If you would like to change the size of the eyes using the OBS software, use the following steps to customize your templates.  

A.) Find someone to don the goggles

In order to resize properly, please have someone don the goggles.  Technically you could do this alone, but would require multiple donning/doffing steps to get it right

Import Scene Collection E

B.) Open LEFT scene

Press 1 on your keyboard or click 1 – Left in the scenes panel

C.) Center the Eye

Using your mouse, click and drag the center of the eye into the middle of the preview window.  This will make enlargements easier in the next steps

D.) Open Transform Window

  • Right-click Camera 1 in the Sources panel
  • Click Transform
  • Click Edit Transform in pop-out menu
Bounding Box
Bounding Box Resize

E.) Increase/Decrease Bounding Box Size

The zoom is controlled by the numbers in the two Bounding Box Size fields.  Use the arrows to increase/decrease the size of the eye to match your preference.  You can see the eye in the preview window to adjust the size correctly.

Click Close when finished.

Note:  For the best user experience, please make sure both fields are adjusted to the same number.

Edit Transform

F.) Adjust Right Eye Zoom

Follow steps B through E above and substitute 2 – RIGHT and Camera 2 in the respective sections.