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Vestibular Education and Course Providers

Here at Vestibular First we are huge supporters of vestibular education–and to that end we have compiled a list of programs and courses below that are great for building your vestibular skills and career.   Please contact us if you would like your courses added to this database.  Each course is reviewed individually by our co-founder and chief clinical officer Helena Esmonde PT, DPT, NCS.

OrganizationCourse TopicsFormatLevelCredentials
360 Neuro HealthRehabilitation; ConcussionIn-Person CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; OT; Aud
American Academy of AudiologyHealthcareConferenceBasic; IntermediateAud
American Academy of OtolaryngologyHealthcareConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedMD; DO
American Balance SocietyHealthcareConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedAud; PT; MD
American Institute of BalanceRehabilitation; Concussion; CervicogenicOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; Aud; MD; DO; PA; NP; OT
APTA - Academy of Neurologic Physical TherapyRehabilitation; ConcussionIn-Person CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; OT
APTA - Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy ConferenceRehabilitation; Concussion; PediatricOnline CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; PTA
APTA - Combined Sections MeetingRehabilitation; Concussion; PediatricIn-Person CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedPT
APTA - University of PittsburghRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedPT; OT; MD; DO; Aud; PA; NP
Association of Migraine DisordersHealthcareConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedMD; DO; PA; NP
Audiology OnlineHealthcareOnline CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedAud
Blissfully in BalanceConcussionOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesIntermediatePT; ATC
Carrick InstituteChiropractic CareIn-Person CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedDC
CNS-EdConcussion; RehabilitationOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedDC; PT; MD; DO; ATC
Combined Otolaryngolgy Spring MeetingsHealthcareIn-Person CoursesIntermediateMD; DO
Concussion Corner AcademyConcussion; Rehabilitation; CervicogenicOnline CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedPT; PA; NP; MD; OT; ATC
Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic in CanadaRehabilitation; ConcussionIn-Person CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; OT; MD; DO; DC
Education Resources, Inc.Rehabilitation; Concussion; Cervicogenic; PediatricIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; PTA; OT; OTA; Aud
Elite Rehabilitation SolutionsRehabilitation; ConcussionIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT
Emory University Competency Based CourseRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedPT; OT; MD; DO
EvidenceCEURehabilitation; Concussion; CervicogenicIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; PTA
Functional Neurology SeminarsChiropractic CareOnline CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedDC
Great Lakes SeminarsRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesBasicPT
Healing VertigoRehabilitation; ConcussionOnline CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; OT; Aud
HealthclickRehabilitation; ConcussionIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; PTA; OT; OTA
International Association of Functional Neurology and RehabilitationChiropractic CareConferenceBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedDC
International Symposium on Clinical NeuroscienceChiropractic CareConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedDC
International Vestibular ConferenceHealthcare; RehabilitationConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedPT
Johns Hopkins MedicineHealthcareIn-Person CoursesAdvancedMD; DO
Mayo School of Continuous Professional DevelopmentHealthcareConferenceIntermediate; AdvancedMD; DO
MedbridgeRehabilitationOnline CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA
Motivations, Inc.Rehabilitation; PediatricIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT
Noesis Therapy SeminarsConcussion; RehabilitationIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; OT; DC; Aud; PA; PTA; OTA
North 49 TherapyRehabilitationOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT
OTcourses.comRehabilitationOnline CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedOT; OTA
PESI RehabRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA; MD; DO; Aud
Posture and Balance ConceptsRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA
Shirley Ryan Ability Lab AcademyRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA
Skill WorksRehabilitation; CervicogenicIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT
Specialty TherapyRehabilitation; PediatricIn-Person CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedPT; PTA; OT; OTA
Summit Professional EducationRehabilitationOnline CoursesBasicPT; PTA; OT; OTA
Therapy InsightsRehabilitationOnline CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; OT; OTA; PTA
Therapy Network SeminarsRehabilitationIn-Person CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA
Topple DiagnosticsRehabilitationOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesBasicPT; OT; Aud; NP; PA
University of ManchesterHealthcareOnline CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedAud
University of PittsburghRehabilitation; Concussion; CervicogenicOnline Courses; In-Person CoursesAdvancedPT
Vestibular EducatorsRehabilitationIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA
Vestibular FirstRehabilitation; Healthcare; Concussion; Pediatric; Cervicogenic; Chiropractic CareOnline CoursesBasic; Intermediate; AdvancedAud; DC; DO; MD; NP; OT; OTA; PA; PT; PTA; ATC
Vestibular TodayRehabilitationIn-Person Courses; Online CoursesBasic; IntermediatePT; PTA; OT; OTA; Aud
WebExercises AcademyRehabilitationOnline CoursesIntermediate; AdvancedDC; ATC