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Step 3 – Don & Adjust Goggles (Reseach)

Ensuring a comfortable and stable fit is key for a successful session viewing eye movements.  There are several steps which can improve the user experience for both the clinician and wearer. 


A. Loosen side and top straps

It is recommended that BEFORE you place the goggles on the wearer, loosen the side and top straps to make them easier to fit.

Donning Side Straps

B. Tighten side straps

Assist wearer holding the goggles in a comfortable position over their eyes and tighten both straps.

Donning Top Strap

C. Tighten top strap

The primary function of the top strap is to take pressure off the nose–it does very little to secure the google to the face.  Adjust this last and only enough to take the weight off the nose.

Note:  If the face cushion is uncomfortable or is not blocking the light, please follow the below instructions to make the corrective actions.

Comfort Adjustments

The most common feedback we get is that there is too much pressure on the nose.  There are two main reasons for this:

  1.  Nose portion of face cushion is bunched up or not pressed fully into the opening in the goggles.
  2. The top strap is not tight and is placing too much pressure on nose. 

Here are some steps to take to correct these issues:

Adjust Cushion

A. Manipulate face cushion

  • Remove the goggles from the patient.
  • Manipulate the nose portion of the face cushion so that the fabric pushes into the semi-circular cavity in front of the nose.
Donning Top Strap

B. Adjust Top Strap

While holding the back of the straps in place, tighten the top strap until the wearer reports the pressure has been reduced.  

Note:  Do not pull the top strap so tight that the goggles sit so high on the wearer’s face that the cameras are showing eyebrows instead of eyes.


The face cushion is designed to block light on a variety of face shapes–but sometimes you have to manipulate the fabric to get the correct fit.

Face Cushion Adjustment Separate

A. Reposition Face Cushion

  • The velcro sewn into the face cushion should line up directly with the velcro strips on the body of the goggles.  If this is not the case, remove the face cushion completely and re-align it with velcro strips.
  • The corners of the face cushion should be taut and have no slack in the fabric.  Pull the fabric tight and press down on the velcro to secure the position of the face cushion.
Donning Loosen Straps 1

B. Cushion Tightness

In some cases, the goggles are not close enough to the face to fill in the gaps between the cushion and the face.

  • While having the wearer hold the goggles with two hands in the front, adjust side straps to get the goggles securely placed against the wearer’s face.
  • Adjust the side velcro straps as needed to maximize light blockage, as the straps compress the sides of the cushion against the wearer’s face. Ensure comfort by communicating with the wearer about the level of pressure they feel as you tighten the straps.  

Step 3 Complete 🙂