Only one is camera visible in OBS

In order to connect the software to your goggles and additional webcams, a mapping must be created between them.  Most of the work is done for you in the template, but this is a “last mile” connection that is custom to your computer.

General Note:  Depending on your operating system, some or all of the cameras need to be mapped.  After mapping, you will not need to redo this step unless you reinstall the template.

Apple Users: You must plug the goggles into the exact same ports on the computer/hub each time or the video signals could get swapped or broken and you will need to re-map the cameras manually.

Plug In Cameras

A. Connect All Cameras

In order make sure OBS can see all of the connected devices, plug in the goggles and optionally an external webcam if you are using a camera not built-in to your computer.

Restart OBS

B. Restart OBS Software

  • Close OBS by going to the File menu and then clicking Exit.
  • Re-Open OBS
Select Left Scene

C. Confirm functionality of Left, Right, and Room Scenes

Open each the following scenes by clicking on the scene name in the Scenes panel:

  • 1 – LEFT
  • 2 – RIGHT
  • 4 – ROOM

Did you see video?

  • Yes – Great!  Check the next scene in the list
  • No – Continue to next step for each scene that does not work.
Camera Properties Cropped

D. Open Camera Properties

Right-Click on the Camera shown in the Sources panel and then click Properties

Select Device

E. Select Device

Click the dropdown for the Device selection and then select the camera name from the list that should be mapped to this source:

  • Camera 1:  Left Eye
  • Camera 2:  Right Eye
  • Camera 3:  Room Camera*

Once you select a camera from the list, a live preview window will appear showing a thumbnail of the video source.  Confirm this is the correct camera before clicking Ok.

*The Room camera name can vary from computer to computer, so use the preview window to confirm the camera you want to use. Note that it is the 3rd of 3 cameras but the 4th scene (scene 3 is both left and right cameras for dual eye viewing).