How to Reconnect the Scene Cameras

There are two main conditions that require you to reconnect the camera sources to the scenes.  Most commonly is when the cameras or software have been updated or if the cables are not plugged into the same ports (on Apple systems). 

Please follow the below steps for each camera that needs to be reconnected.

Reconnect 1

A. Open Camera Properties

Click on the scene to be reconnected and in the Sources panel, right-click Camera 1, 2, or 3 and then click Properties.

Reconnect 3
Reconnect 2
Reconnect 4

B. Swap Device Source Back and Forth

Since OBS has saved your previous camera with the same name, you need to temporarily change it to a different camera, and then switch it back.  For example, if you are reconnecting the Left camera, you should choose the Right Camera in step 1, then the Left Camera in step 2. 

  1. Click into the drop down menu for the Device and select the temporary camera.
  2. Click into the same Device drop down menu and then select the camera that matches the scene you are modifying.
  3. Click Ok.

Repeat for each Scene 

Click the next scene that needs to be reconnected and repeat steps A and B above.