How do I become a distributor or reseller?

Vestibular First primarily sells to clinicians, researchers, educators, and students directly to keep costs low and pass along these savings.  Additionally, by managing the customer lifecycle ourselves, we are in the best position to deliver a top-notch customer experience from pre-sales to retention.  If you believe your company can meet or exceed our high level of service, we invite you review the below details of our program:

Pricing, Purchasing, and Discounts

  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) are set and communicated to all distributors annually.
  • While you remain free to establish your own resale price, your markup cannot exceed 100% of either MSRP or MAP.
  • Discounts from the Vestibular First retail prices are calculated using our volume discount tiers on both a per-order and annual volume discount.  For example, if you order 5 items in one order and 3 items in another a few months later, you will get the initial discount up-front for the first order and then an annual discount rebate will be issued at the end of each year at the higher discount level.
  • If you wish to match current Vestibular First pricing, you will need to purchase in bulk and take your margin from the difference.  
  • All accounts under 1 year old must purchase and pay for the inventory up-front (pre-pay) using one of our standard payment methods.  After this period, standard net-30 terms are available.
  • Vestibular First does not authorize the sale on any Third Party Websites such as Amazon,, Target+, eBay, etc.  Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of reseller agreement.  If you are distributing products for resale to other vendors, they also must comply with these restrictions.


  • All orders ship within 1-2 business days.
  • Orders can be drop-shipped directly to your customer or to your warehouse.  There are no additional drop-ship fees.
  • All Non-US customers must have goggles marked “For Research Purposes Only” and follow our international guidelines.

Customer Service

  • Purchases and supplier agreements must comply to FDA standards for distributor relationships.
  • Any serialized products (goggles) must have complete customer and company information submitted to Vestibular First upon purchase.  In order to communicate product updates, regulatory news, etc., we must have current contact information of the purchaser.
  • Tech support is handled by Vestibular First unless you have been certified by our team to handle Tier 1 support calls.
  • Any opened serialized products must be returned to Vestibular First for inspection.