Can I add audio to my recordings?

Yes, you can add audio from a microphone to your video recordings.  Follow the below steps to easily add these to your videos.


A.) Open Settings

Open OBS and then click Settings in the lower-right corner.

Audio 1

B.) Audio

Select the Audio button from the left section

Mic Selection

C.) Select your Microphone

Although each computer setup is slightly different, next to the Mic/Auxiliary Audio Device option, choose the option Default then click Ok.

Audio Test

D.) Confirm the audio meter shows

You should now see a new Mic/Aux input in the Mixer section of OBS.  Make some noise/talk a little bit and you should see the audio bar shrink/grow to match the intensity/volume of the noise you’re making.  It should look like the image here.

Note:  If you do not see any movement when talking, return to step C and select a different microphone from this list.  Also confirm that you can see the complete list of inputs with the scroll bar next to the Mixer section.