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Pre-Order FAQ’s

Thanks for your support in launching the Pro version of the  Insight Infrared Video Goggles!  Please review the following frequently asked questions about the program.  Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

How do I preorder the Insight Pro Goggles?  How much do they cost?

The cost of the pre-order is $2250 and you get free shipping in the US!.  This is a savings of $280.  Use the button below to pre-order your Insight Goggles today!  

How to they compare to the Insight Goggles?

Please review our feature comparison chart to see how the Insight Pro compares to other models.

When will the goggles be available?

We anticipate delivery of the Insight Pro Goggles in March 2022.  We are aware of the significant challenges with the current supply chain environment, and we will work with our manufacturer to expedite where ever possible.

Are they FDA-Cleared?

Yes–the just like the current Insight goggles, the Insight Pro are FDA cleared. 

What will be delivered with the goggles?

You will receive the following with your pre-order

  • (1) Insight Pro Goggles
  • (1) Durable medical-grade silicone cushion
  • (1) Travel Case with disposable cushion storage

Will you have disposable cushions?

Yes, the Insight Pro will launch our first modular component–the disposable cushion!  Our goggles system can grow with your clinics needs without multiple pairs for different patients or settings.  Perfect for the busy outpatient and mobile clinicians.

Are these goggles available outside the US?

Please review our policies for international sales for more details.