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How do I upgrade cameras to allow both cameras to use USB hub?

Please only follow the below instructions at the direction of Vestibular First Support Staff. 

Please follow the below instructions on a Windows computer to upgrade the firmware of your cameras to support using a USB hub for dual-camera view:

  1. Download the upgrade files:  Camera Firmware Upgrade
  2. Plug in either the Left or Right Camera
  3. Open the application: Vestibular First – Camera 2.0.exe
  4. Click Browse and then depending on which camera you plugged in during Step 2 above, select either right.src or left.src.  Please make sure you confirm the correct camera and file is correct before proceeding.

  5. Click Go
  6. Wait 15-20 seconds and then click Ok when the window pops up with the warning about the Flash size.

  7. Wait another 20-30 seconds until you receive the confirmation that the upgrade was successful.

  8. Click Ok to close the window.
  9. Repeat Step 1 for the other camera.
  10. Once both cameras are patched, unplug and replug the goggles before use.