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Fixation Light

Each eye has an independent fixation light for use in differential diagnosis while viewing and recording.  

Removable Cover

The front cover of the goggle is easily removable to allow the clinician to re-position the wearer during maneuvers without fully removing the goggles.


All surfaces have been designed to be cleaned with standard disinfectant wipes.  Additionally, the face cushion is removable and has a disposable option for wearers with contact precautions.

Quick-Release Strap

The goggles are easily removable with one hand using the new quick-release straps.  Simply grasp the clip and the goggles are released.


Our engineers have worked to make the new goggles are smaller in all dimensions. This will allow easier patient movements and goggle manipulations.


We have worked to make our goggle lighter than our research model by 200 grams (0.4 lbs) to increase patient comfort and reduce the need for bulky straps.

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